Ecosystem Sandbox

Ecosystem Sandbox is defined as a unified environment for all ecosystem actors to discover, understand, engage, experiment, innovate, and build on the NDEAR infrastructure. It consists of, but not limited to, the following key elements:

  • 1. A unified portal acting as a single-window for all ecosystem actors
  • 2. Discover information, tools, ideas, innovations, events, and other ecosystem actors
  • 3. Learn all about the possibilities, various services, APIs, rules of participation, processes, tools available, and other aspects of the education digital infrastructure
  • 4. Engage with the platform and other ecosystem actors to ideate, support each other, co-create, and showcase including rating, feedback, and dealing with grievances
  • 5. Experiment, innovate by building assets, prototypes and solutions using the APIs/ tools
  • 6. Obtain API keys, build, test, validate, and go live with solutions using APIs
  • 7. When going live, using the sandbox tools and processes
  • 8. Solutions may be deployed in a pilot mode where either geography and/or usage may be limited or may go live in full depending on the stage and maturity of the solution
  • 9. For the custodian of the platform, the sandbox should be the single place for publishing information, rules, processes, tools, managing API access, analysing feedbacks and grievances and engaging with ecosystem
  • 10. View data related to ecosystem health, adoption, usage, and related analytics.

Sandbox Environment Services

Coming Soon…